Rt. Hon’ble Prime Minister

KP Sharma Oli
23 February 1952Born in Terhathum District, Eastern Nepal; as the eldest son of father Mohan Prasad and Mother Madhumaya Oli
1963Migrated to Jhapa District
1966Began his political career
1968Became full time political activist
February 1970Joined the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN); arrested for the first time under the Public Offense Act due to his involvement for the cause of democracy and establishment of republican state
22 May 1970Went hideout to steer up the movement as the full time leader
1972Nominated the Chief of the Jhapa Movement Organizing Committee
1973Arrested with various false charges such as his involvement in subversive acts and jailed for 14 consecutive years including 4 years of solitary confinement
26 December 1976Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist) or CPN (ML) was formed while he was in imprisonment; he was regarded by the comrades as the founding leader
1987Released from the jail, assigned responsibilities of Central committee member of the then CPN (M-L); began activities as the in-charge of Lumbini Zone till 1990
1990Founding President of Democratic National Youth Federation, Nepal (DNYF), a youth wing of the party
6 January 1991Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) or CPN (UML) founded by merging two largest communist groups, the CPN (ML) and CPN M, became founding Central leader of UML
1991Elected member of House of Representatives, lower house of Parliament from Jhapa-6
1992Chief, Central Department of International Affairs of UML
1993Elected Politburo member of the party and assigned responsibility of Chief of Central Department of Publicity
1994Re-elected member of lower house of Parliament from Jhapa-2
1994-1995Appointed Minister for Home Affairs in first ever popularly elected Communist Party led government under Prime Minister late Man Mohan Adhikari
1995 (till to April 2008)Chief, Department of Parliamentary Affairs of UML
1998Proposed a motion on tactical line of the party, which was adopted by overwhelming majority; elected Standing Committee Member of the party; Chief, Central Department of International Affairs
1999Re-elected member of lower house of Parliament from Jhapa-6
1999-2002Deputy-leader of Main Opposition Party in the Parliament
2000-to dateChairman Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO), Nepal
February 2003Proposed a motion to restructure party’s central body with multiple position such as President, Vice prez, Gen Secretary, Secretaries etc at the 7th National Congress, however his idea was put on hold; re-elected Standing Committee Member of the party, re-assigned Chief of Central Department of International Affairs
April 2006 to March 2007Appointed the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs in the interim government led by Prime Minister late G.P Koirala
April 2008Lost at the Election of Constituent Assembly
2008 to 2009Chief, Central Department of Party School
February 2009Party accepted his proposal of multiple position in central committee at 8th National Congress, contested for position of Chairman of the party, however lost by JN Khanal; elected the standing committee member and assigned again the Chief of the Central Department of International Affairs
November 2013Elected member of Constituent Assembly from Jhapa-7
4 February 2014Elected leader of parliamentary party in CA and legislature- parliament by defeating the then party Chairman JN Khanal
1 July 2014Elected President of the party by 9th National Congress by defeating MK Nepal
11 October 2015Elected the Prime Minister in legislature parliamentary, sworn in on 12 October
24 July 2016Addressed House session at the legislature-parliament, resigned from the post of prime minister
4 August 216Handover the power formally to the new prime minister PK Dahal
15 February 2018President Bidhya Devi Bhandari administered the oath of office and secrecy as 41st Prime Minister


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